Small Religious Nonprofits: From Vulnerability to Viability

Nygren, David. "Small Religious Nonprofits: From Vulnerability to Viability." DePaul University, Chicago, IL, October 19-20, 1995.

This working conference on Small Religious Nonprofits (SRNP) produced a series of "white papers" written by scholars from several disciplines. Topics and authors include philanthropic institutions and SRNPs (Ellen Benjamin, DePaul), competency profile of SRNPs, large and small (Julie Hickman Burg, DePaul), analysis of a statewide data set on SRNPs (Kirsten Gronbjerg, Loyola Chicago), history of SRNPs (Peter Hall, Yale), and connections between volunteerism, philanthropy and religious institutions (Virginia Hodgkinson, Independent Sector). Others include critical points in the organization of SRNPs (Tom Jeavons, Grand Valley State), SRNPs in rural communities (Carl Milofsky, Bucknell), financial management and accountability (Denise Nitterhouse, DePaul), SRNPs in communities of color (Wardell Payne, Howard), governance of SRNPs (Melissa Middleton Stone, Boston University), and financing mechanisms, inner city demographics and SRNPs (Julian Wolpert, Princeton). (SM)