Social Policy, Community Service Development, and Religious Organizations

Wineburg, Robert J. “Social Policy, Community Service Development, and Religious Organizations.” Nonprofit Management and Leadership 3(3):283-297. Spring 1993.

Robert Wineburg defends the importance of religious congregations as local human service providers in light of their historical involvement in community outreach and the author’s own study of increased congregational service provision in Greensboro, North Carolina during the Reagan-Bush era. Though the scholarly community approaches human service provision from a different worldview than do local agencies, Wineburg contends that congregations have been and will increasingly be important service providers which researchers and planners should take into account. The increased involvement of the religious community in human service provision launched during the Reagan era means increased responsibilities for congregations, increased pressure to meet new social problems, and increased congregational service programs, challenges which the scholarly community can help congregations meet. Wineburg closes his essay with a number of recommendations on how planners and local providers can assist each other in their respective tasks.