St. Patrick’s Catholic Church History, 1910-1920

Knorr, John. “St. Patrick’s Catholic Church History, 1910-1920.” N. d.

“St. Patrick’s Catholic Church History, 1910-1920” offers a case study analysis on the growth, leadership and life of this Indianapolis parish for the years in question. St. Patrick’s, originally organized as St. Peter’s in 1864-65 as the third parish in the city, is located on the south side of Indianapolis near the Fountain Square neighborhood. The essay narrates the ethnic origins of the parish; its boundaries and early pastors; relevant parish statistics; active parish societies; and the schools of St. Patrick’s. The final third of the paper looks at the tense relations between Catholics and Protestants during the period as well as some of the major social, political and religious issues the parish faced, including perceived Protestant anti-Catholic bigotry, socialism, Prohibition, patriotism and World War I, and support for Irish freedom.