Digital media offer new means of constructing religious identities, both as such media mediate self-representation and as they offer enhanced means of social interaction. In order to offer congregations resources to support theological reflection upon the process of digital storytelling as well as practical tools for engaging in story creation and sharing, this website is organized in relation to three components: “creating,” “sharing,” and “believing.” Each of these components offers visitors to the site a point of entry. “Creating” provides insights into how congregation members might engage in the creation of a digital story. “Sharing” provides resources on how to share one’s own story, with consideration of issues such as copyright, privacy, and information on video sharing sites. “Believing” provides samples, or videos that other groups have completed that can serve as models for congregations and individuals contemplating digital storytelling for the first time. Visitors may also enter the site by selecting, “Get Started!,” which provides a step-by-step guide outlining ten steps in producing a digital story.