Survey of Endowed Presbyterian Churches

National Association of Endowed Presbyterian Churches. Survey of Endowed Presbyterian Churches. Wilmington, DE: National Association of Endowed Presbyterian Churches, 1995.

This report contains the results of a phone survey of 142 Presbyterian congregations with endowments larger than $500,000. The researchers found that the collective assets held by the congregations in this sample exceeded half-a-billion dollars, and that rates of spending of endowment income are higher than financial managers consider desirable. Only about two-thirds of congregations have a written policy concerning management and investment of endowment funds and use of endowment income, and only about one-quarter have a written policy concerning socially responsible investment of funds. Over one-fifth (22%) of these endowments were controlled by a legal entity other than the congregation. Further, researchers found an almost complete absence of theological reflection about the meaning of endowment. Finally, there is no evidence among this group of well- endowed congregations that larger endowments reduce individual giving. The report includes an executive summary of the survey as well as responses to the survey results from five church leaders: Larry Carr, James Lemler, John Buchanan, Barbara Wheeler, and Anthony Ruger. (MC)

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National Association of Endowed Presbyterian Churches