Symposium I on "John Courtney Murray, Religion, and American Public Life

Whitmore, Todd David and J. Leon Hooper. Symposium I on "John Courtney Murray, Religion, and American Public Life." Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, IN, April 3-5, 1992.

This project focused not only on collecting Murray's writings but also upon evaluating his continuing legacy. A two-part symposium was organized with the goal of initiating a conversation among scholars from the academic disciplines affected by Murray's thought. Scholars have long recognized that among Murray's most important legacies are the suggestive lines of inquiry embedded in his arguments, many of which promise new perspectives on several topics. The first symposium was convened at the University of Notre Dame on April 3-5, 1992, where pre-distributed papers were evaluated. General topics (and the authors of papers) included a contemporary look at Murray (J. Leon Hooper), individual moral behavior in the public sphere (Robin Lovin), national moral behavior (J. Bryan Hehir), Catholic distinctiveness (Joseph Komonchak), mission (Tom Hughson), church and secular contact and cooperation (Robert McElroy), church and secular moral disagreements (John Pawlikowski), and religious liberty (David Hollenbach).