That Demon Love

Meilaender, Gilbert. "That demon love," Christian Century 118, no. 3 January 2001: 4-5.

In his brief article, “That Demon Love,” Gilbert Meilaender examines an aspect of love that is rarely articulated, namely its terribility, if and when it is unchecked by any higher loyalty or devotion. Meilaender refers to C.S. Lewis’ “The Four Loves” and quotes that “love, having become a god, becomes a demon.” Meilaender also explores Dorothy Sayers novel “The Gaudy Night” and makes reference to a distorted inordinate love that her main character experiences. Meilaender concludes his article with a discussion on how we must approach love and how Love Himself, Christ Jesus, gave us an example of the highest degree and fashion of love.

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