The Bibby Report: Social Trends Canadian Style

Bibby, Reginald. The Bibby Report: Social Trends Canadian Style. Toronto: Stoddart, 1995.

“The Bibby Report” is a comprehensive look at the kind of society that Christianity has been creating since the 1970s, as seen through the lives of some 6,000 Canadians over the past twenty years. Reginald Bibby draws from his national surveys of 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, and 1995 to sketch where Canadian Christians have come from, where they are today, and where they seem to be headed. Bibby examines a number of aspects of Canadian life including such hot topics as: what they want most, their concerns, their likes and loves, leadership, sex, crime, youth, pro sports, racism, religion, americanization, family life, and nationalism.

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The University of Lethbridge