The Brave New World of Business Ethics

Nash, Laura L. “The Brave New World of Business Ethics.” Sojourners 29(1):20-23, January-February 2000.

In light of the rapid changes in business conditions in today’s “brave new cyberworld” and the breakdown of traditional moral reinforcements in business practices, Laura Nash outlines a process by which Christian faith may exert moral leadership in the workplace. Two approaches to connect faith and business already exist in the business world: one touted by evangelical professionals who dedicate their businesses to God as a matter of conviction, the other by individual Christians searching for ways to make faith and spirituality personally relevant to their own business decisions. Nash believes that faith makes its best contribution as a process, that is, as an active, intrusive force into the consciousness of the businessperson. The four “first level” avenues of this process are: articulation, personalization, valuing details, and life creation.

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