The Family Handbook

Anderson, Herbert, Don Browning, Ian S. Evison, and Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen, eds. The Family Handbook. The Family, Religion, and Culture Series. Don S. Browning and Ian S. Evison, eds. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 1998.

The Family Handbook provides a number of practically-oriented articles—drawing on biblical, theological, historical, and social science resources and written from Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, evangelical and secular perspectives—to help ministers, therapists, lawyers, and social workers better understand and serve the special needs and challenges of today’s family. Sixty-eight different individuals, including university and seminary professors, ministers, health care professionals and others, contribute essays on such topics as marriage, divorce and remarriage, family ministry, and the family in the Bible and history. The book seeks to achieve two goals: “(1) to help churches and synagogues prepare individuals for marriages and strengthened family living, and (2) to help all families to meet better the challenges they face and to live life more faithfully.” Essays are divided into five major sections: Part 1, Families and Marriage: Contemporary Perspectives; Part 2, Approaches to Special Situations of Family Ministry; Part 3, Resources for Congregational Ministry with Families; Part 4, Families in History; and Part 5, General Resources for Family Ministry.