The Presbyterian Predicament: Six Perspectives

Coalter, Milton J; John M. Mulder and Louis B. Weeks, eds. The Presbyterian Predicament: Six Perspectives. Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox, 1990.

Prominent writers from different discipliens strive to analyze the Presbyterian predicament. Robert Wuthnow uses sociology to trace the decline of American Presbyterianism in relation to other mainline denominations. Edward Farley lists areas in which Presbyterians' heritage of "critical modernism" can be discerned. Barbara Wheeler develops a doctrine of scholarly theories for understanding congregational life. Benton Johnson looks at the demise of sabbath observance among Presbyterians. Gayraud Wilmore surveys the history of black Presbyterians, and Barbara Brown Zikmund examines ordination and how its theology has changed under the impact of women entering the ministry.