The Religion, Culture, and Family Project: An Interim Report

Browning, Don S. “The Religion, Culture, and Family Project: An Interim Report.” Criterion 32(2):5-11. Spring 1993.

Don Browning’s interim report on the Religion, Culture and Family Project offers not an official project report but instead personal observations on the economic and cultural reasons behind the decline of the American family and how the Christian tradition counters this decline. Browning believes that problems in families are caused both by changes in cultural values and from deteriorating economic conditions. He proposes a new love ethic in which old family dependencies are abandoned and where both husband and wife are regarded as equal partners in carrying out public and domestic responsibilities. Early Christian teaching which improved the status of women, required a new sexual standard for men, held a respectful attitude towards children, and saw authority in terms of servanthood, can serve the postmodern family as a important source for health and stability.