The Values Program at Le Moyne College

Kirby, Donald J. "The Values Program at Le Moyne College," About Campus 2, no. 6 (January-February 1998): 15-21.

Donald Kirby describes the different aspects of the values program at Le Moyne College and explains what the program has accomplished since its founding in 1988. Faculty, staff, and administrators formulated ideas about the Values Program in a summer institute at Le Moyne each year. These ideas were then implemented the following academic year. During one of the summer institutes, for example, the faculty and staff collaborated in an effort to enhance values themes in the new student orientation program.
<p>Another component of the Values Program was the Academic Forum, which helped students make connections between their experiences inside and outside the classroom. The forum was not a specific event but rather a series of events related to a similar theme, such as “the spiritual dimensions of higher education.” These themes allowed faculty, staff, and administrators to incorporate what they have learned from the summer institute into their work with students. Kirby notes that ideas generated through the Values Program have “become catalysts for many other activities that are now part of the institution’s fabric”
<p>Based on a rigorous, empirical evaluation process, Kirby identifies a number of accomplishments for the Values Program, including: (1) the creation of a “college-wide educational effort” that cuts across academic disciplines and administrative units; (2) the transformation of the institutional culture; (3) the renewal of Le Moyne’s commitment to be “student-centered;” (4) the establishment of clear goals for the Values Program and a reliable means for assessing whether or not those goals are met; and, (5) a commitment to share information about the Values Program with other colleges and universities. (AS)