Theology as Doxology: Reflections on Theological Education

Nouwen, Henri. "Theology as Doxology: Reflections on Theological Education." In Caring for the Commonweal: Education for Religious and Public Life, eds. Parker J. Palmer, Barbara G. Wheeler, and James W. Fowler. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, 1990.

Henri Nouwen describes a spirituality for teachers and students of theology. Comparing his approach to that of the fourth Gospel where the mystery of God's word is declared in the form of a doxology, "a way of giving glory to God," Nouwen suggests that theology as doxology necessarily includes three integral parts. Those are prayer, community and ministry or proclamation. Theology is not a separate discipline; it is living the Word. Therefore, theological education is studying that Word in the four movements of listening to, speaking, reading and writing the Word.