There's Got to be More! Connecting Churches and Canadians

Bibby, Reginald. There's Got to Be More! Connecting Churches and Canadians. Winfield, BC: Wood Lake Books, 1995.

In "There’s Got to be More," Reginald Bibby draws from two of his previous best-selling books "Fragmented Gods" and "Unknown Gods." In this volume, Bibby identifies ten key findings and five crucial implications from his previous studies and shows how to apply those to reach out to the people most open to a church’s message. Bibby insists that Canada’s churches are "best-positioned" to respond to the country’s spiritual, personal, and social needs. Bibby also addresses how to create and retain affiliates, locating lost affiliates, and ministering to affiliates. And finally, Bibby concludes his manuscript with a review of seven theologians that propose theories of connecting churches and Canadians.

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