Toward a Dialogical Theology of Mission

Thangaraj, M. Thomas. "Toward a Dialogical Theology of Mission." In Theology at the End of Modernity: Essays in Honor of Gordon D. Kaufman. Edited by Sheila Greeve Devaney. Philadelphia: Trinity Press International, 1991. pp. 161-176.

Thomas Thangaraj develops a theology of mission by employing
Gordon Kaufman's theological method as the framework for his
inquiry. Thangaraj chooses to begin his theology with a "missio humanitas" -- the mission of humanity -- because of his experience with interreligious dialogue. He suggests that this mission requires responsibility, solidarity and mutuality. The "missio humanitas" provides the foundation for a redefined "missio Dei," and this mission of God demands a "cruciform responsibility" involving Christ-like vulnerability and openness to the whole creation, a "liberative solidarity" with all humanity but particularly the oppressed, poor and marginalized, and an "eschatological mutuality" where Christians listen and learn from other religious and secular traditions so that all are mutually enriched in anticipation of the end times.