Trying Times: Essays on Catholic Higher Education in the 20th Century

Shea, William M., and Daniel Van Slyke, eds. Trying Times: Essays on Catholic Higher Education in the 20th Century. Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press, 1999.

While working on a project to write the history of Catholic higher education in the United States since 1960, Alice Gallin taught a seminar as a visiting scholar at Saint Louis University. This book, edited by William Shea and Daniel Van Slyke, is a collection of essays from her seminar and a related conference held while she taught in Saint Louis.
<p>Three conference papers are included. One by Charles H. Wilson explores federal legal decisions that have affected Catholic higher education. Another by Patrick Carey discusses the impact of late 1960’s curricular reforms on the teaching of theology at Catholic colleges and universities. A third by Richard Hughes describes how three Protestant traditions (Anabaptist, Lutheran, and Reformed) express their faith beliefs through institutions of higher education.
<p>Six seminar papers complete the nine essays in this work. Alice Gallin begins by describing the Americanization of Catholic higher education in the United States. James Hitchcock asks questions about Catholic colleges’ and universities’ commitments to a sincere Catholic identity. Paul Shore recounts the drama of Jesuit Claude Heithaus’ removal from his position at Saint Louis University for supporting racial integration. Michael Barber writes about the ethical implications for academic freedom at Catholic colleges and universities by describing the silencing of Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin. William Rehg explains the obligation of Catholic universities to engage in the public political life of the nation, William Shea raises issues about the credibility of Jesuit graduate education first discussed in the 1932 Macelwane report.
<p>This volume is useful to scholars and others who would like an overview of some of the most important issues in American Catholic higher education during the last part of the twentieth century. (LT)