Unknown Gods: the Ongoing Story of Religion in Canada

Bibby, Reginald. Unknown Gods: the Ongoing Story of Religion in Canada. Toronton: Stoddart, 1993.

In “Unknown Gods,” Reginald Bibby uses information from his groundbreaking book “Fragmented Gods: The Poverty and Potential of Religion in Canada" and gives new statistics on religious practices in Canada. Bibby addresses such themes as the myth of the Canadian religious mosaic, the impact of religious scandals, Canada’s growing infatuation with psychic phenomena, and the widespread sense that we should be getting more out of life. Bibby proposes that organized religion is in unprecedented disarray as the exodus from the churches continues. However, he also points out that Canadians are increasingly fascinated with mystery and hungry for meaning in life. Bibby concludes his book by suggesting ways in which the churches can draw Canadians to their services.

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