What Does It Mean To Teach From A Christian Perspective?

Hughes, Richard. "What Does It Mean To Teach From A Christian Perspective?" The Southern Baptist Educator LXIII, no. 3 (Second Quarter 1999): 3-8.

Richard Hughes addresses the question: How is it possible to ground the content of our classroom teaching in our Christian faith? Sharing his inspiration from Madeleine L'Engle's writings, Hughes offers three presuppositions that he has successfully employed as a Christian teacher. First, he assumes that the instructor should encourage students to ask such ultimate questions as (1) how can I cope with the inevitability of death?; (2) am I an acceptable human being?; (3) is there any meaning in life?; and if there is, what is it?" These questions makes students think about the limitations of human existence and inspire them to their own religious discovery. Secondly, he assumes that Christian teachers should give Christian answers, ones that describe "the values of the upside-down kingdom of God." Drawing on the work of Howard Zinn, Hughes explains that Christian teachers should present the perspective of the poor and oppressed since they are the face of God. Lastly, Hughes believes that Christian teachers should teach with passion. Such teaching awakens feelings and emotions as well as the mind. (LT)