Witness and Remember: McVeigh's Execution Should Be Televised

Lynch, Thomas. "Witness and remember: McVeigh's execution should be televised," Christian Century 118, no. 14 May 2001: 14-15.

In his article, "Witness and remeber: McVeigh's execution should be televised," Thomas Lynch proposes that witness and rememberance are essential stations for people of faith. Lynch reviews the phrase “seeing is believing” and suggests that Timothy McVeigh's execution should be open to public viewing. Lynch proposes that the real reason the public is not allowed to watch the execution is because a country that claims to be “for” the death penalty does not have the stomach to see exactly what it is that it is “for.” In his argument, Lynch notes that whether the execution soothes or saddens, it is our Christian duty to watch. Lynch concludes his article by questioning, if we do not watch then why do we do it at all?

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