Worship Seeking Understanding: Windows into Christian Practice.

Witvliet, John D. Worship Seeking Understanding: Windows into Christian Practice. Baker Academic, 2003.

John D. Witvliet explores Christian worship in relation to biblical studies, theological studies, historical studies, musical studies, and pastoral studies. Formerly written for specific occasions, these fifteen essays are now published together to present together the theory and practice of worship, and encourage interdisciplinary discussions about the practice of worship. Two essays relating biblical studies and worship arise out of the conviction that Scripture informs, grounds, or regulates worship in some way. “The Former Prophets and the Practice of Christian Worship” examines the themes of liturgical integrity, covenant renewal, and historical recitation in relation to the world of the Former Prophets and the contemporary practice of Christian worship. “Praise and Laments in the Psalms and in Liturgical Prayer” exposes a range of dynamics that, Witvliet asserts, are common elements in well-celebrated Christian worship. Essays under theological studies explore how worship shapes and reflects the theological imagination of a given community; they show that worship and doctrine are inextricably intertwined. Historical studies essays deal with the practice of worship in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, two periods that have continued to profoundly influence Protestant worship, claims Witvliet. Essays under musical studies examine the practice and impact of music in worship with reference to Calvin’s Geneva and contemporary North America. Pastoral studies essays explore the kinds of worship suited for particular occasions such as funerals, or celebrations such as Easter.