Warner Sallman Collection. [on-line] Available from http://www.warnersallman.org. Accessed August 26, 2002.

www.warnersallman.org introduces the Warner Sallman Collection, jointly shared by Anderson University and Warner Press since 1987. The site briefly narrates the story behind the religious and marketing publication of Sallman's art since the 1940s. The site relates the impact that Sallman's paintings have had on the many who visit Anderson's campus as if on "pilgrimage" to see them. The site's main graphic features Sallman's 1941 "Head of Christ," the artist's most famous work. The site provides links to: Warner Press, Anderson University, the Mercer University Press website for Jack Lundbom's book Master Painter: Warner E. Sallman; Amazon.com; and a Real Media presentation of Warner Sallman's Chalk Talk, "Son of Man."