Youth Ministry that Transforms

Strommen, Merton, Karen E. Jones and David Rahn. Youth Ministry that Transforms. El Cajon, CA: Youth Specialties, 2001.

In their book, "Youth Ministry that Transforms," Merton Strommen, Karen E. Jones, and David Rahn address common issues that Protestant youth ministers face. Strommen, Jones, and Rahn collected this information through a national random survey of full-time youth ministers from dozens of Protestant denominations and parachurch organizations. The participants answered a battery of exhaustive, deliberate questions and their answers revealed a variety of perplexing issues that they all struggle with. These perplexing issues are the backbone of "Youth Ministry that Transforms." Strommen, Jones, and Rahn provide a comprehensive analysis of the hopes, frustrations, and effectiveness of today’s youth workers. The authors provide thorough analysis and sound interpretation regarding the state of youth ministry at the dawn of the 21st century.

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