American Synagogue History: A Comprehensive State of the Field Survey.

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 04/01/1985
End Date: 
Mon, 10/31/1988

Jonathan D. Sarna and associate Alexandra Korros proposed to assemble a comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources dealing with the history of American synagogues. Sarna and Korros noted that although the American synagogue occupies a central place in maintaining Judaism across the country, it has not been studied as an institution. Sarna and Korros intended the bibliographic project on American synagogue history, undertaken within the wider context of their ongoing project to develop a comprehensive volume titled “American Judaism: Sources and Interpretations,” to be a necessary preliminary to such a study. Sarna and associate collected bibliographic information on synagogue histories published throughout the United States, encouraging those syngogues that have not written their history to do so. The bibliographic sources included books and articles published as histories of individual synagogues, histories of communities containing information about American synagogues, and studies about aspects of American synagogues. Sarna and Korros published their “state of the field” bibliographic survey titled “American Synagogue History” in 1988.