Arts and Theological Education

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Wed, 07/01/1992
End Date: 
Sat, 12/31/1994

The Institute of Sacred Music, Worship, and the Arts at Yale University undertook four projects as part of its inquiry into the arts and theological education. The first project continued research for a multi-volume reference series on documents in the history of Christian thought concerning the arts for seminary-level theological education. The second and third projects were expressions of the conclusions regarding theological education in local churches that were reached previously. The second acquainted congregations with significant contemporary writers who speak to religious issues and lead participants to examine how the perspectives these authors offer might shape their own lives as individual Christians and as members of the Church. The product was a multi-media course for theological education through literature in local churches. The third project conveyed to congregations the importance and rich possibilities of aesthetic perception for religious experience through the development of a course in theological education utilizing painting, sculpture, and architecture in local churches. The fourth project developed a workshop train seminary faculty to integrate the visual arts into their teaching. (KA)