Arts in Religious and Theological Studies Support for a Resource Letter

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Start Date: 
Thu, 01/01/1987
End Date: 
Sun, 06/30/1991

The "Resource Letter on Theology and the Arts" was created to report on the people, programs, courses, ideas, and scholarship that treat the subject of theology in the arts. The primary goal of the publication is to stimulate dialogue among scholars and administrators concerned with the place and role of the arts in theological education and to heighten their awareness of the issues and development related to this area of work. The publication also included coverage of current theological reflection on all of the major art forms in their relevance to theological education. The Resource Letter is published three times a year. Two editors, one in Minnesota and the other in New York, oversee the preparation of each issue, which includes ten features. Contributors include theological educators, college and university professors, church leaders, artists, and other persons aware of the development in the various art forms in both North America and elsewhere in the world. (KA)