Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Study: Extension Grant

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 08/01/1988
End Date: 
Mon, 12/31/1990

This grant for the study of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) extended an earlier grant awarded to the Christian Theological Seminary (CTS); it included three further research projects on the Church to complement the initial grant’s twenty-five studies. The three additional studies and their researchers were: “Disciples Ministers as Compared to Southern Baptist and Presbyterian Ministers,” James Guth and Helen Lee Turner; “Social Mobility, Religious Affiliation, and Disaffiliation of Disciples as Compared to Southern Baptists and Presbyterians,” Kirk Haddaway; and “Social and Religious Profile of Disciples as Compared to Southern Baptists and Presbyterians,” Bruce Greer. Newell Williams directed this study of the Disciples of Christ in conjunction with the Lilly Endowment-sponsored study of mainline Protestantism. <p> The project, together with its predecessor, produced the following two works: (1) The Disciples and American Culture: A Bibliography of Works by Disciples of Christ Members, 1866-1984, by Leslie R. Galbraith and Heather F. Day (Scarecrow Press, 1990), and (2) A Case Study of Mainstream Protestantism: The Disciples Relation to American Culture, 1880-1989, edited by D. Newell Williams (Eerdmans, 1991). This latter work featured project findings first presented at a public conference held on April 16-18,1989 at CTS under the title, “Twentieth Century Disciples: Appraising a Mainstream Denomination and its Future Prospects.”