Comparative Research on Religion, Politics and Society

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Sun, 12/01/1996
End Date: 
Thu, 12/31/1998

This grant enabled N. J. Demerath III to complete writing a book comparing how religion, politics, and the state are related in a variety of cultural contexts. The earlier work was funded by the Lilly sponsored Church and State Project. Demerath explored the relations between religion, politics, and the state in areas as far flung and wide spread as Brazil, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and Japan. Demerath provided a cross-cultural look at current issues concerning religion and politics at sites mentioned above. The book titled “Crossing the Gods: World Religion and Worldly Politics” (Rutgers University Press, 2003) resulted from Demerath’s wide-ranging work. As part of this grant, Demerath also evaluated the Lilly-funded Church and State Project directed by John F. Wilson of Princeton University.