Continuing support of the Youth Theology Institute

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Start Date: 
Fri, 11/01/1991
End Date: 
Wed, 12/31/1997

The Youth Theology Institute is a four-week, interdenominational, multi-ethnic, residential program for 60-75 rising high school seniors held each summer at Emory University. The Youth Theology Institute's primary purpose is Christian theological education for youth who are in transition from mid to late adolescence. The goal of "YTI" is for youth participants to "fall in love with theology" as a lifelong pursuit. Talented and motivated young people are recruited nationally to attend the program, where they join skilled adults in a challenging, interactive process of inquiry. The program focuses on six fundamental objectives: 1.affirming youth in asking theological questions within the church (that is, without having to leave the church to do so) 2.guiding youth in exploring complex and sophisticated theological literature 3.teaching youth skills for reading and interpreting the Bible 4.engaging youth in the analysis of and response to pressing public issues from a Christian theological perspective 5.creating a residential, covenant community 6. exploring a variety of ways of worshiping together as an ecumenical community Ongoing research is integrally woven into the program, allowing investigators to explore developmental, curricular, pedagogical, and theological aspects of the Institute. (MH)