Developing a method for selecting Directors of Religious Education (the DRE Perceiver Instrument)

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Sun, 04/01/1990
End Date: 
Sun, 06/30/1991

The National Conference of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education, in collaboration with SRI Gallup of Lincoln, Nebraska, developed and tested an interview instrument that identifies characteristics displayed by talented and successful directors of religious education. The final instrument is now available as a supplemental assessment tool. Among other characteristics identified through this research, SRI Gallup noted the following as highly evidenced by successful directors of religious education: discerning focus on their tasks, pride in their work, ability to build strong yet flexible relationships, enjoyment of facilitating other people's growth, a team-oriented management style, spontaneous and resonant spirituality, self-assured faith, capacity to initiate activities, ability to offer comprehensive explanations, good communications skills, and a desire to seek accountability. (MH)