Development of a network of pastor-theologians in Protestant churches

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 09/01/1997
End Date: 
Thu, 08/31/2000

Believing that the church in American mainline Protestantism faces a theological crisis, William H. Lazareth initiated three activities in which pastors worked through theological issues in order to crystallize ecclesial theological identity. At church, pastors implemented a three-year enrichment program that proceeded from Bible study, to Systematic Theology, and finally, application in social ethics and globalizing faith. The pastors also met together with theologians for personal study. They presented papers and discussed relevant issues in small groups, annual meetings, and for their own personal growth toward becoming sound theologians. In so doing, they enabled their churches to reclaim their theological identities. Lazareth collected and edited some of the pastor/theologians’ papers and published them in a two-volume book, Hope for Your Future: Theological Voices from the Pastorate.(MG)