Dissemination of Values Program Findings

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Thu, 02/01/1990
End Date: 
Tue, 06/01/1999

The Values Program at Le Moyne College helped students understand how values underlie individual decision-making and provided a comprehensive means for integrating intellectual experience with moral values and religious faith. The program included three key components: (1) a summer institute where faculty, staff, and administrators formulate ideas for enhancing values education throughout the curriculum; (2) the Academic Forum, a series of co-curricular initiatives related to values education implemented throughout the academic year; and, (3) empirical assessment of the effectiveness of the program.
<p>Donald Kirby and Krystine Batcho developed methods for assessing the effectiveness of the Values Program and disseminated their results beyond Le Moyne College. Assessment techniques included the use of questionnaires and cross verification of self-reported data at several critical points in the implementation of the Values Program. Over the twelve-year life of the program, Kirby and Batcho found that it succeeded in enhancing values education across the entire experience of the student and has actually strengthened Le Moyne’s mission and identity as a religious institution. Moreover, ongoing assessment of the Values Program allows faculty, staff, and administrators to clearly understand where the program succeeds and where it needs improvement. This made it possible for the program to renew itself regularly and thereby persist over an extended period of time. Kirby and Batcho argue that the Values Program is a valuable model for other colleges and universities to follow. (AS)