Historical Studies of Protestantism in American Culture III

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Tue, 08/01/1989
End Date: 
Tue, 07/31/1990

William Hutchison directed the “Historical Studies of Protestantism in American Culture III”; this study continued the work of the previous two “Historical Studies” projects on the American Protestant establishment in the 20th century. “Historical Studies III” supported the Gender and Mainstream Protestant sub-project with the appointment of Elizabeth Clark as the 1989-90 Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer in Women’s Studies in the History of Christianity; it also assisted Emeritus Professor George Williams in his work on the relation of Protestantism and American higher education. “Historical Studies III” covered the 1989-90 academic year. <p> Following the “Protestant Establishment” seminar format of Historical Studies I, project III saw the completion of a number of papers dealing with both the internal dynamics of the Protestant establishment as well as its external relations with other religious and cultural entities. Eleven Lilly fellows and ten additional participants took part in the Fall seminar and did research on various facets of 20th century mainstream Protestantism. <p> As research associate and visiting lecturer, Dr. Clark made significant progress toward her book, “The Politics of God and the Women’s Vote: Religion in the Suffrage Movement in America, 1830-1898.” She taught a course on “Women, Church, and State in America 1780-1920” and lectured at the Divinity School, Harvard Law School and Boston University Law School. Williams converted his lecture for Harvard’s 350th anniversary in 1986 titled “Religion et Veritus” into a book titled “Divinings: Pointers from Harvard’s Heritage to New Horizons for Religion in Higher Education.”