Historical Studies of Protestantism in American Culture IV

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Wed, 08/01/1990
End Date: 
Wed, 07/31/1991

William Hutchison directed “Historical Studies of Protestantism in American Culture IV” with four major tasks in view: the continuation of the fellowship program for “Historical Studies” on mainstream American Protestantism, the continuation of the fellowship program for “Gender and Mainstream Protestantism,” the promotion for the volume Between the Times, and a conference on Religion and Nationalism. Historical Studies IV extended the work on mainstream Protestantism through the 1990-91 academic year. <p> Jean Humez, a senior historian of women and religion in America at the University of Massachusetts (Boston), served as the Lilly Endowment appointee in Harvard’s Women’s Studies in Religion Program for 1990-91. She taught “U. S. Women’s Spiritual Awakening Literature” during the fall semester while the Divinity School provided her with the opportunity to work on the manuscript of her book, “Mother’s First Born Daughters: Early Shaker Religion Through Women’s Eyes” (Indiana University Press, 1992). <p> The project promoted Hutchison’s “Between the Times” at two November 1990 meetings: the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and the meeting of the American Academy of Religion. The conference on Religion and Nationalism took place at the German Historical Institute in Washington, D. C. June 13-16, 1991 under the theme, “Chosen People Themes in Western Nationalist Movements, 1880-1920.”