Issues, Themes, and Models in Theological Education (Phase 2)

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 04/01/1991
End Date: 
Sun, 05/31/1992

In this second phase of its review of basic issues in theological education, faculty of Columbia Theological Seminary continued its process of reading and discussing key books and essays in the field. The major means of pursuing these efforts involved a faculty seminar during the Fall semester of 1991, led by Visiting Professor John Cobb, co-author of a major book on basic issues. The entire faculty also engaged in an extended retreat in August 1991 to discuss the role of theological education in mainline Protestant churches. The faculty and steering committee focused under this grant on the review of several key issues that affect the education of M.Div. students, including institutional purpose, assumptions undergirding the curriculum, theological education pedagogy, community worship, formation for ministry, and cooperation with the Interdenominational Theological Center. The faculty also engaged in a process of planning, developing, and teaching three pilot courses that crossed boundaries of traditional disciplines and were restructured to address the experience of ministry in the contemporary world in light of the findings of the first year-and-a-half of the project. (KA)