New Ministries Project II: Planning Grant

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 07/01/1991
End Date: 
Tue, 12/31/1991

Under the auspices of the “New Ministries Project II,” Carl Smith and his staff prepared for the project’s second version, which began in January 1992. Smith and associates designed the three-year New Ministries Project II to evaluate whether the processes to encourage and understand congregational innovation, developed in Version One, could be institutionalized in the relationship between middle judicatories and the churches within their jurisdiction. Four judicatories from the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio participated in Project II. <p> During the six-month preparation project, the four middle judicatories assigned staff persons to serve as adjunct to the Project. They selected four congregations within the bounds of the judicatories for support of their new ministry ventures. These judicatories would channel the grants to be made to the participating congregations during Project II. Judicatory staff would also accompany project staff in making visits to these congregations. <p> Project II approached the congregation as a primary locus of theological, historical and sociological reflection rather than a laboratory to develop new growth techniques. Smith and associates hoped that Version Two could encourage middle judicatories to see the congregation in the same light. Project II hoped to address the following emerging issues: ministry control and accountability; dissemination of Project findings; changes in ministry leadership; and the life patterns of middle judicatories.