Planning for Project on Aims and Purposes of Theological Education

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Start Date: 
Sat, 09/01/1990

Fuller Theological Seminary hosted a discussion of the aims and purposes of evangelical theological education. Over a period of approximately two years, a group of evangelical scholars (1) clarified the nature of the basic questions and problems facing evangelical theological education; (2) formed a cadre of evangelical educators well-versed in these issues; and (3) produced a body of literature to stimulate thinking about the aims and purposes of evangelical theological education. The group determined what issues evangelical scholars might distinctively address; what scholars should be invited to join this conversation; how the inquiry ought to be structured; and what meetings and publications should be commissioned. In reflecting over this period of time on the previous work that had been done in this area, the scholars maintained constant communication with their mainstream and Roman Catholic colleagues. In undertaking their own independent pursuit of basic questions concerning theological education, they aided the whole spectrum of theological schools. (KA)