Project on Christian Educators of the Twentieth Century

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Tue, 05/01/2001
End Date: 
Mon, 12/31/2001

Kevin Lawson of Biola University and his associates from several institutions across North America developed a web-based database on influential leaders in the field of Christian education during the 20th century. The ongoing work of the database covers approximately two hundred people who have shaped Christian education in North America from across major denominational affiliations. Each entry in the database includes: 1. photograph of the person, 2. biographical essays, 3. complete bibliography of publications, 4. excerpts from works demonstrating their ideas, 5. assessment of influence within the field of Christian education, 6. organizational information for further research, and 7. an introductory reading list of publications.

Lawson and associates formed an editorial board of eight professors of Christian educations from several institutions. The editorial board identified and decided on the final list of the influential leaders in the field of Christian education in the 20th century to be included in the database. The editorial board then invited members of the North American Professors of Christian Education (NAPCE), the Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education (APRRE), and the Religious Education Association (REA) to write database entries for the selected list of influential persons. The database is intended to serve the needs of faculty, students and other researchers in the field of Christian education. The database is available at