Research consultation on Christian hope

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Tue, 01/01/1991
End Date: 
Wed, 09/01/1993

While earlier ecumenical dialogue has focused on questions of sacraments, church, or authority, the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research explored what various Christian communities teach and practice as the content of Christian hope. The definitions and experiences vary widely, and have been, in the past, a source of divisive debate. This project developed a process that sought to move past the divisiveness and into a more complex and authentic dialogue. The Institute brought together a number of leaders from various Christian denominations in intensive week-long summer seminars. The seminars were spread out over three years and involved more than sixty different participants. By all accounts the seminars were especially rich experiences for participants, and many have used ideas that germinated during the seminar in later work and publishing. See, for example, the introduction to Roberta Bondi's book "Memories of God." Margaret O'Gara and Richard Mouw, co-facilitators of the seminars, are working on developing a book that will explore in more detail issues raised during the meetings. (MH)