Research on Fund-raising as a Christian Ministry

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Mon, 01/01/1996

This grant supports a research and writing project that will explore attitudes towards and practices of fund-raising in evangelical Christian organizations. The project will involve two elements. First, Jeavons and Basinger will examine differing theological and philosophical perspectives on fund-raising in a religious context. Second, they will conduct a field study of evangelical organizations identified as providing exemplary models of "fund-raising as ministry." To develop this facet of this study, the researchers propose an exploration of fund- raising practices among evangelical organizations of various types. They will begin with a survey of the membership of the Christian Stewardship Association to identify organizations whose fund-raising activities seem most clearly designed to nurture donors' altruism and stewardship and involve donors in their missions. The final part of the project will be a book intended to help religious organizations design and implement fund-raising programs. (SM)