Research on Hispanic Mainstream Protestants in the United States

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Sun, 06/01/1997
End Date: 
Wed, 05/31/2000

In cooperation with the Perkins School of Theology, David Maldonado researched Hispanic Protestantism in the United States. Maldonado saw a need for Hispanic Protestants to be understood as their own identity apart from Hispanic Catholics and Hispanic Pentecostals. His intention was to generate an informed conversation and heightened interest in Hispanic Protestant identity and to answer what it means to be a Latino Protestant in the American context. In order to accomplish his goals, Maldonado identified key literature that has already addressed Hispanic Protestantism, he conducted in-depth interviews with Latino religious experts, and he organized dialogue panels that discussed drafts of his written research. As a result of his work, Maldonado was also able to publish an informational book on Hispanic Protestantism entitled, "Protestantes/Protestants: Hispanic Christianity Within Mainline Traditions."