Research on Seminary Alumni

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Fri, 01/01/1988
End Date: 
Sun, 01/01/1989

Building on research showing that more changes took place in priestly education in the period between the mid-sixties and mid- eighties than in the previous four centuries, this project and a complementary one at The Catholic University of America provided an opportunity for seminary educators to understand how these transformations have shaped the lives of Catholic seminary students. In the early 1980s, researchers at Catholic University of America (CUA), working under the auspices of the National Catholic Eduational Association, collected significant data about persons who were attending seminary at that time. Those early studies provided a baseline for subsequent inquiries, on which this project and the other at CUA were able to build. Dr. Raymond Potvin and staff surveyed students who participated in the earlier study but had since withdrawn from seminary before ordination. NCEA researchers, Dean Hoge and Eugene Hemrick, studied those participants who were ordained and remained in the priesthood.