Rhodes Consultation on the Future of the Church-Related College

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Sat, 07/01/1995

Stephen Haynes convened groups of scholars from a number of church-related colleges and universities for a series of consultations about the future of these institutions and the possibility of redefining the mission of Christian higher education for the postmodern era. The consultation of thirteen scholars met initially at Rhodes College. A conference held in May 1997, “The Church-Related College’s Postmodern Opportunity,” supplemented and enriched these early discussions. Later, the “Rhodes Consultation” was expanded, bringing together scholars for regional meetings. In addition to attending the meetings at Rhodes and/or the regional meetings, participants in the consultations convened formal discussions on their own campuses to discuss the future and nature of their own school’s church-affiliation. Consultation members were given financial support to aid them in organizing their campus meetings. Through all of these activities, members of the consultation increased awareness on their own campuses about the relationship between churches and colleges and between faith and knowledge. Participants also saw the consultations as a valuable opportunity to network with other scholars and compare their experiences working in church-related colleges or universities. (AS)