Sharing Values in Catholic Colleges and Universities

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Tue, 11/01/1988

<strong>Paul Golden</strong>, along with <strong>J. Patrick Murphy</strong>, researched how values are defined and articulated in Catholic colleges and universities,&nbsp;and to what degree students, faculty, staff, and alumni shared those values with each other. Golden and Murphy studied six diverse Catholic colleges and universities in the United States. They were DePaul University, the College of St. Thomas, Santa Clara University, Barry University, Trinity College of Vermont, and St. Mary's of the Woods. The researchers conducted in-depth interviews with the presidents and other members of these institutions as well as analyzed the results of a questionnaire completed by faculty, staff, and several hundred students.
<p>Golden and Murphy most institutional leaders anchored their values in the Catholic tradition, and most members of these institutions could identify at least some of these values. These institutions communicated their values through stories, rituals and vocabulary. The complete findings from this study were gathered into a book called Visions and Values in <strong>Catholic Higher Education</strong>. (LT) </p>