Studies on the Changing Place of Mainstream Protestantism in American Culture

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Wed, 07/01/1987
End Date: 
Tue, 06/30/1992

Dorothy Bass and her associates undertook “Studies on the Changing Place of Mainstream Protestantism in American Culture” with reference to the contemporary problems and challenges facing mainstream Protestantism and the manner in which these crises have impacted the United Church of Christ (UCC); the team also studied the relation between mainstream Protestantism and American public education. Bass and associates presented their study to members of the Chicago Theological Seminary, related institutions and church constituencies. <p> The team conducted a variety of activities including: (1) a major conference held on November 9, 1987 on the theme “Crisis and Opportunity: The Current Situation and Future Prospects of Mainstream Protestantism” featuring William McKinney, Carl Dudley, James Gustafson and Bass; (2) a seminar on “The Crisis of Mainline Protestantism” taught in 1987 by Bass for students in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools; (3) a leadership education seminar during 1988 and 1989 for UCC ministers to concentrate on issues facing their church and the manner in which research on mainstream Protestantism illuminated them; and (4) Bass’ own historical research on Protestant vision, policies and strategies regarding the American common school.