Study of the History of Evangelical Theological Education

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Wed, 01/01/1992
End Date: 
Fri, 12/31/1993

Wheaton College's Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals sponsored a series of historical studies of Protestant theological education with special reference to the various traditions in the evangelical mosaic. These studies were designed to illuminate issues and problems germane to the aims and purpose of theological education at evangelical institutions. Half were to be commissioned and half to come through an open competition. The project supported historical research by a team of scholars and included three consultations and a major academic conference. Two of the consultations brought together authors of commissioned studies to discuss their work with the Evangelical Aims and Purposes Consultation that was meeting at that time at Fuller Seminary under the direction of Richard Mouw. The other consultation brought the winners of competitive grants to the annual ISAE summer meeting to present and discuss their work. The project culminated in an academic conference at an evangelical seminary to be determined. The papers presented at the conference were brought together in a book of essays. It was designed to illuminate a neglected topic in American religious and educational history and to contribute to on-going discussions about the aims and purposes of theological education. (KA)