Study of Theological Education and Communications Technology

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Thu, 01/01/1987
End Date: 
Mon, 01/01/1990

In this three-year research project, United Theological Seminary enlisted the ablest theological scholars in the US in a communal effort to understand the relation between theological education and the transformation of communications technology occurring at the time. Those conducting the inquiry also compared the modern transformation with earlier turning points in the history of Western communications. Project activities included: a comprehensive bibliography of materials in print and on videotape, stored in a computerized database for access by all participants in the project; three international conferences on various topics, including theological education and communications technology through the Reformation, in the US, and in the future. Research papers presented at the conferences were then published in various forms. Project director Leonard Sweet, also president of the seminary, provided American theological educators with a new and urgently needed setting within which they might begin to take account of the consequences of change in technology for the future of theological education. The grant opened up discussion on this topic. (KA)