Supplementary Support for Program on the Arts and Theological Education

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 11/01/1993
End Date: 
Sat, 12/31/1994

The Institute of Sacred Music, Worship, and the Arts at Yale University edited and published papers generated by four conferences in a special issue of Theological Education, the journal of the Association of Theological Schools. Peter Hawkins edited the issue, with the assistance of Paula Carlson, from the English Department of Yale. In addition, the Institute completed work on a variety of multi-media course materials for local churches. These products extended the work of the Institute beyond those directly involved and offered a basis for dialog with other institutions. Practically speaking, the multi-media projects delivered literature and the visual arts materials to parishes, making the works accessible for study and reflection. Ultimately, project beneficiaries learned critical examination of literature and the visual arts so that they might, on their own, find new sources of growth for their lives as Christians. (KA)