Theological School Program to Improve the Quality of Congregational Ministry - Biola University

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Mon, 11/30/1998
End Date: 
Wed, 12/31/2003

Talbot School of Theology implemented the SEGUE program to (1) enhance the preparation of students for the demands and opportunities for ministry, and (2) expand the transitional support opportunities available to recent graduates in their first three years of congregational ministry. “Segue” implies moving from one phase of activity to another without pause, stopping and stumbling; the program enabled the school to help students transition smoothly from the seminary to ministerial positions after graduation. The academic curriculum was revised to streamline these efforts towards ministerial preparation.
The school enhanced the preparation of students through focusing on specific areas such as maintaining marital health while going through the intensive work of seminary studies, developing personal spirituality, and learning to cope with stress. To ease the transition into ministry, the school organized small group retreats and consultations to address personal and ministry issues in times of transition.