Theological School Program to Improve the Quality of Congregational Ministry - Lancaster Theological Seminary

Project Number: 
Start Date: 
Thu, 01/01/1998
End Date: 
Fri, 12/31/2004

In order to enhance its capacity for preparing candidates for congregational ministry, Lancaster Theological Seminary established the Alliance for the Renewal of Ministry with three components: The Council for the Renewal of Ministry; The Leadership Renewal Program; and, The Recruitment Renewal Program. The Council for the Renewal of Ministry consisted of three pastors, three local lay leaders, three national staff members of the United Church of Christ (UCC, representatives from seven United Church of Christ Conferences and three seminary leaders. The council met on a quarterly basis and aimed at strengthening the relationship between the seminary and the church public it serves. It also helped the seminary in identifying and recruiting candidates for ordained ministry within UCC constituencies.

The Leadership Renewal Program enabled the seminary faculty to engage with issues of congregational leadership and church renewal in co-operation with local churches and congregations. The program was structured as workshops held over four plenary sessions each year for three years. The Recruitment Renewal Program enabled the seminary to enhance its recruitment strategies and develop programs to educate pastors and church leaders on their role in recruiting qualified candidates for congregational ministry.